Allegiance: Earth Alliance

Age: 26

Status: Natural

Pilots: ArchAngel’s Captain


Supervisor of the Gundam transfer during the Helipolis attack, she meets the future pilot of Strike and becomes the captain of the Archangel after the previous captain is killed in the raid. Though somewhat commanding and harsh, she is a kind woman who treats Kira with much more respect than the rest of the crew, partially due to the fact that he saved her life. Murrue has already lost several close friends in this war and in a firefight above Earth’s atmosphere; she loses one of her mentors and dear friend, Admiral Harveton. She also seems to have taken an interest in Muu La Fraga. As a result of her actions, Murrue along with the rest of the Archangel is confined in Alaska while Frey, Natarle, and Muu are all reassigned. During the fight for Alaska, she commands the Archangel through her toughest battle. After Kira bails them out, Murrue orders the ship to head to Orb and commands her in the defense and evacuation of Orb.