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Welcome To Gundam net Website, a site for anime and manga community. The Gundam net is a current rage amongst the youth who love action and anime at the same time. The Gundam net is a website that brings you the information about all things that deals with Gundam seed Gundam. Gundam seed 00 generally is refereed to the acronym of General purpose Utility Non-Discontinuity Augmentation Maneuvering weapon system. Gundam website is a one in all website for all things that deal with anime and manga cartoons and games. Gundam website is the largest blog platform from where the anime lovers can get all the latest updates of the anime world. if you are new to this genre then here is your chance to jump into the bandwagon and get going.

Gundam website comics are the Japanese version of the dc and marvel comics. they are full of action and has a normal boy turned superhero as their central character. They come in episodes and a list of Gundam 00 episodes. The popularity of the Gundam website comics reached such heights that they were introduced as a tv series that too came in a series of episodes. The tv series too became extremely popular mostly among the youngsters. Superhero themes have never failed to entertain people and when topped up with high-intensity action they can never be a flop. The Gundam website comics were basically animated cartoons with a realistic touch in it.

What Came First Anime or Manga?

Before we see the origin of the anime and the manga and investigate which came first, we must understand the difference between the two. The Gundam website reveals that while manga is the book that has pictures in a series that depicts a cartoon story, anime is the same line of cartoon presented as a show. Therefore manga is a pictorial form of the story while the anime is an animated version of the same. It only needs a little bit of common sense to say that manga must have come first but since we have learned not to believe without evidence, here is the evidence by the Gundam website for us to believe the same. The first Japanese manga came out in 1798 which was named Shiji no yukikai. And the first animated work came only as late as 1907 and thereafter many animated works came based on the mangas.

What Are the Most Popular Anime Tv Series of All Time?

Here are the best anime tv series which will live in the hearts of its viewers throughout their lives.

The Best Online Games Inspired By Manga Comics

  1. Tsuyokute New Saga: this is all about a fight between the lord of the demons and Kyle the warrior.

  2. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari: it is about a hero named Iwatani Naofumi who has to save the world.

  3. Re:Monster: a man who faces an untimely death is reincarnated as a goblin

  4. Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki: it is about a young boy fulfilling his dream to play VRMMO games to his heart’s content with his unusual skills.

  5. Log Horizon: 30000 players in one place playing the game of life.

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Who is the Greatest Manga Creator Ever?

There can be no debate over Masashi Kishimoto being the greatest manga creator of all times. This artist created the most popular manga of all time Naruto that was shown as a tv series for 15 continuous years from 1999 to 2014 without a break and without a drop in the TRP.


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