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Endless Waltz: The Story

American AirDate: 25-Jan-1997 through 25-Jul-1997
Director: Yasunao Aoki
Character Designer: Shuko Murase
Mecha Designer: Junya Ishigaki, Hajime Katoki, Kunio Okawara

Basic Summary:

AC 195, December 24th, Christmas Eve, saw the greatest battle between humans, as World Nation (Earth) and White Fang (Space Colonists) were locked in a bloody battle. This conflict was finally ended by the Gundam Pilots, while the leader of World Nation, Treize Khushrenada was slained and White Fang's leader Miliando Peacecraft disappeared. Having seen the violence ,terror and hatred of war, the people on Earth and the space colonies put prejudice aside and strive for peace. And thus a new world government is established..... Earth Sphere Unified Nation

Under this new govnernment, Earth and Space began a series of disarmaments and in the short space of a year, all mobile suits have been destroyed. Since Gundams are no longer needed in a time of peace, the Gundam pilots Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton and Quantre Raberba Winner decided to farewell their Gundams by sending them into the sun.

However, peace never lasts long..... Relena Darlian, now the deputy foreign minister for the new government is abducted duting a visit to the colony X-18999. The person behind this scheme was a child named Mariemaia Khushrenada, heir to the mysterious Barton Foundation, and daughter of former World Nation leader, Treize Khushrenada. Mariemaia is determined to follow her father's footsteps and conquer the world, while the former Queen Relena will be a great propaganda tool.

While on a visit to X-18999 will the circus, Trowa stubbles across the Barton Foundation and began investigation. Similarly Heero and Duo realized Relena had been abducted and also set out to investigate. With former allies, Sally Po and Lucrezia Noin, now government agents (Preventer), the pilots began to sneak into X-18999.

The pilots soon realized that the colony was a huge Mobile Suit and weapons factory, and this was soon followed by Mariemaia's declaration of War. Her grandfather, Dekim Barton, was the planner of the scheme. Trowa tried to assassinate Dekim, but he was stopped by the fifth Gundam Pilot, Chang Wufei......

Meanwhile, both Heero and Duo were able to infriltrate the base, but only to be stopped by Wufei, and now Trowa as well! All seems lost, as Mariemaia mobilised her army and began her invasion of Earth. At the same time, a mysterious blond-haired man approaches Lady Une at the Preventer Headquaters... is the Lightning Baron reborn?

As Dekim launches his attack, a lone Mobile Suit appears, the Tallgese III, piloted by Miliando Peacecraft began attacking Dekim's legions of MS's. Dekim counters be threatening to drop space colonies onto the Earth, and reluctantly Miliando gave in...By now Heero, Duo and Trowa were able to escape from X-18999 while Quantre was able to retreive the Gundams.

Since Earth is now disarmed, Mariemaia's invasion was swift and easy, she quickly seized control of the government's headquaters at Brussels and retreats to a fortrified bunker. The only ones fighting against her huge leigon of MS's was Miliando's Tallgeese III and Noin, in her Taurus. Back in space, the Gundam team reunites, and Duo in his Deathscythe Hell, Quantre in his Sandrock and Trowa in his Heavyarms head straight back to Earth, joining Miliando and Noin's fight against Mariemaia. Now, Heero in his Wing Zero, is locked in battle with Wufei's Altron... the two fought a spectacular fight until Heero, tired of the endless fighting, breaks off the fight and plunges into the sea.....

The battle continues, but Duo, Trowa, Quantre, Miliando and Noin are seriously outnumbered, just as all seems lost, a battered Wing Zero suddenly appears in the horizon... with the Twin-Buster Rifle pointing at the fortrified bunker.... Heero repeatedly fires at the bunker until all its barriers are destroyed, while Wufei has relented and rejoined his comrades. Mariemaia finally realizes her mistake, and began to surrender, however, Dekim refused and shoots at Relena. Mariemaia pushes Relena to one side and takes the bullet herself, while Dekim, in disbelief, was shot by one of his own underlings. Heero suddenly arrives, ready to "finish" his mission by killing Mariemaia.... only to discover that his gun was empty..... the Perfect Soldier signs that he doesn't need to kill anyone anymore, and passes out.....

With Mariemaia surrending, the conflict ended... all the weapons and uniformed were destroyed while ALL the Gundam Pilots self-destructed their own Gundams, (including Wufei this time).... Peace was finally achieved....

There were some new scenes at the end that shows what our heroes were up to: Lady Une and the recovering Mariemaia visit her father's grave, Duo and his friend Belinda happily returns to their salvage business, Wufei and Sally now works for Preventer, Miliando and Noin sneak off to space as a couple, Trowa is happily working with Catherine in the circus, Quantre uses his wealth to rebuild the space colonies while Relena continues her work as a diplomat.... And what about our Perfect Soldier....?

The last scene sees Heero dressed in a casual clothes, slowly disappear into a crowd of people..... then the movie ends....
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