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First of all, no this is not a site which has Gundam SEED episodes which are DIRECTLY downloadable from the site, however they ARE downloadable. You ask, why dont u just put the files on the server? Well plain and simple, this would kill the bandwith quota in about a hour and would also probably crash my host's server, which of course is NOT good :_. Below are links for a file-sharing program which allows you to download it. PROGRAM DOWNLOAD HERE This program is called BitTorrent, and is used by thousands upon thousands of users.

Secondly, none of this is ILLEGAL because the episodes have NOT been licensed yet. Once they are licensed by Bandai, I must take these links down

All you have to do is download the program from that link above (which contains absolutely NO!! spy-ware, ad-ware or ANY ><-warez) Just install the program, which is effortless and then click on the links below, it will start downloading automatically! (with the exception of choosing where you want to save the file to of course)

Please note that the file size of the download will start at the full size, but in essence this is just quota for the video to be downloaded, so the video WONT work until BitTorrent has finished downloading it. This program is a "FILE-sharing" program, therefore you will constantly be uploading to other users and other users will be constantly uploading to you (which is your download). Unlike Kazaa, you cant just leech, you have to share, that is why this program has been so sucessful! I hope you enjoy, if you have any questions, go to the forums!

**I will be adding additional .torrent files so you can download other episodes from Gundam Seed and also possibly other UNLICENSED anime titles. [NAME] is the name of the fansub group which placed english subtitles in the files!** **Download speeds may be slow... please be patient, newer episodes will download faster (anywhere up to 300+kbs is possible if you also share)**
**Stats (# of people Uploading and Downloading these files) can be found Here

If you just skipped all those instructions up there... then here's a simple guide...:
1.) Download the BitTorrent Client
2.) Install the BitTorrent Client
3.) Save the .torrent files onto your computer (to episode[s] you want)
4.) Open these .torrent files and BitTorrent should automatically start !
5.) Choose where you want to download these files to and press save!

Gundam SEED Episodes

Gundam SEED Episode 1 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]

Gundam SEED Episode 2 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 3 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 4 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 5 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 6 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 7 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 8 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 9 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 10 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 11 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 12 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 13 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 14 [Shinseki-Illumeneti | Aoshi | AG]
Gundam SEED Episode 21 [AnimeJunkies]
Gundam SEED Episode 22 [AnimeJunkies]
Gundam SEED Episode 23 [AnimeJunkies]
Gundam SEED Episode 25 [AnimeJunkies]

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