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I have started the process of adding Gundam Seed episode clips onto my file servers. I don't beleive you can find them anywhere else on the net! ;)

**Note: You will need the DivX codec to view the Gundam Seed Episode Clips, I purposely made them around 30 sec/5mb files so they are high quality, and people with slower connections will still be able to watch them!**

* If you are having troubles downloading these files... make sure you right-click the link and save-as the file, also don't have more than ONE connection open!*

I'd also like to thank the people who make these fansubs, without them you woulnd't have the english subtitles!

** Also please note that these files are NOT always available, if they're not, please come back in an hour or two and try again ! **

Gundam Wing Video Clips

Rhythm Emotion (Introduction Part 1)

Rhythm Emotion (Introduction Part 2)

Anime-Xen Releases

#Anime-Xen Gundam SEED OP #3 [16MB]

#Anime-Xen Gundam SEED OP #4 [30MB]

Gundam Seed Misc Clips

Believe: Gundam Seed Opening Part 1
Believe: Gundam Seed Opening Part 2
Believe: Gundam Seed Opening Part 3

Please download all three files and extract them from the rar files. Make sure all the files are in the same folder. Go to if you don't have the program!
[Mirror 2][][http][17.4MB]

Gundam Seed Clips: Episode 1

Episode 1 Clip 1 : First ~30 Seconds of the episode

Episode 1 Clip 2 : Gundam Seed Intro Part 1

Episode 1 Clip 3 : Gundam Seed Intro Part 2

Episode 1 Clip 4 : Kira and the gang fooling around in the streets

Gundam Seed Clips: Episode 2

Episode 2 Clip 1 : First ~30 Seconds of the episode

Episode 2 Clip 2 : First ~40 Seconds after introduction has played

Episode 2 Clip 3 : Quick scene where Asuran is told to leave- his colleage will take care of things

Episode 2 Clip 4 : Arch-Angel Battleship getting ready to start up

Gundam Seed Clips: Episode 3

Episode 3 Clip 1 : First ~30 Seconds of the episode

Episode 3 Clip 2 : Conversation between Lieutennant + Captain

Episode 3 Clip 3 : Scene with Kira and co., Captain speaking to Fraga ** Sorry sound is broken! **

Gundam Seed Clips: Episode 4

Episode 4 Clip 1 : First ~20 Seconds of the episode

Episode 4 Clip 2 : Kira in the Strike Gundam starring at Heliopolis .. destroyed ...

Episode 4 Clip 3 : Kira taking a civilian escape pod into Archangel

Gundam Seed Clips: Episode 5

Episode 5 Clip 1 : First ~30 Seconds of the episode

Episode 5 Clip 2 : Battle in space with the GAT-X??? Gundams

Episode 5 Clip 3 : Kuruuze ordering his crew

Episode 5 Clip 4 : Mobile Armor engaged in combat

Episode 5 Clip 5 : Lieutenant Fraga talking to Kira

Gundam Seed Clips: Episode 6

Episode 6 Clip 1 : First ~40 Seconds of the episode

Episode 6 Clip 2 : Crew of ArchAngel being taken over

Episode 6 Clip 3 : Discussions amoung the group about why they were captured

Episode 6 Clip 4 : Officials looking for pilot of Strike Gundam

Gundam Seed Clips: Episode 7

Episode 7 Clip 1 : First ~35 Seconds of the episode

Episode 7 Clip 2 : Asuran, his father (President Zara) and Kuruuze conversation

Episode 7 Clip 3 : Asuran in elevator with Kuruuze

Episode 7 Clip 4 : Debate in a room with top officials

Gundam Seed Clips: Episode 8

Episode 8 Clip 1 : First 30 Sec of episode.. summary of episode 7

Episode 8 Clip 2 : Kira and Rakusu are talking...

Episode 8 Clip 3 : Top officers on ArchAngel question Rakusu

Episode 8 Clip 4 : Conversation with Kuruuze, Asuran, and father

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