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Updates Soon
Posted: Tuesday, December 14, 2004
I realize a lot of people have e-mailed me with summaries and fan submissions over the past few weeks, but I havn't been able to get through them. I'll try over the next few days to get that sorted as well as the screenshots that have yet to be posted.

The screenshots will be posted 1 episode at a time, as last time I put 3 episodes simultaneously, it created extremely high loads on the server.


Screenshots Up Ep. 4 - 6
Posted: Tuesday, November 23, 2004
As I posted yesterday, I would be adding the screenshots up today for Destiny episode 4-6. They're all up now =) Enjoy.!

Screenshots on the Way!
Posted: Monday, November 22, 2004
Like they all say; never late than never =). The servers been... emotional during the past few days. Hiccups here and there, the forum and site was down for just about half a day yesterday.

A quick note for those e-mailing me again - if you do; put in a subject or title. (no subject) e-mails are marked as spam by me and thrown in the trash can. The hundreds of spam e-mails I get a day takes too long to sort, so I resort to that.

As for the screenshots, all thats left is for me to upload and such - so they'll be up tommorow; a total of 1036 pics. 370 from Ep 4, 346 from Ep 5 and 320 from Ep 6.

I'll see what I can do for those who have sent in e-mails about errors on the site as well!


Destiny Episodes 2/3
Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2004
Screenshots for these 2 episodes have been added. Submissions of episode 2 summaries are also now up. If anyone would like to make a summary for episode 3 as well, please send it in as well.

Donations status has also been updated, it is now less $50.00USD because someone reversed a donation a few weeks back, which is quite unfortunate. This month has been a record breaker for visitors and bandwith. I am already using 1.7GB of space on this current server just for images, my limit was 1.5GB originally. A dedicated server may become necessary in the near future, permitting that I have enough funds to get one monthly, since they are quite costly. Bandwith is EXCEEDING 13GB per DAY on images alone. This does not include the videos I have available. There have been almost 1.8 MILLION server requests (per image basis, not page loads) yesterday alone.

Just wanted to bring this to your attention for now. (stats don't include the forums)


Earthquake in Japan
Posted: Saturday, October 23, 2004
Due to earthquakes that have affected Japan at the time when Gundam Seed Destiny Ep 3 was airing, the full episode was not aired. Only 11 minutes were. It has been rescheuled to air again in the next few days. At that time, screenshots will be made available.

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