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Gundam X: Episode List

Here's a list of Gundam X episodes:

1. Is There a Moon?
2. Power For You...
3. My Mount is Fierce
4. Operation VC: Must Hurry!
5. You Have to Pull the Trigger...
6. I Don't Like It
7. I'm Gonna Sell the Gundam!
8. I Won't Forgive Him!
9. Like the Rain on the Street
10. I Am a Newtype
11. Just Run Without Thinking!
12. It's My Best Work
13. I'm a Fool, Shoot Me
14. Can You Hear My Voice!?
15. I Wonder If There's a Heaven
16. Because I'm a Person, Too
17. Please Determine That For Yourself
18. The Sea of Lorelei
19. I Feel Like I'm Dreaming
20. ...So We Meet Again
21. It's What My Dead Wife Always Said
22. The Ghost from Fifteen Years Ago
23. My Dream Is Real
24. Double X, Activate!
25. You Are Our Star of Hope
26. Don't Say Anything
27. It Is Time For Goodbye
28. Must I Shoot!?
29. Look at Me
30. I Feel Like I May Never See You Again
31. Fly, Garrod!
32. That's the G-Falcon!
33. How Do You Know Me!?
34. I Can See the Moon!
35. I Will Not Let the Light of Hope Go Out
36. The Next War Is the War We Wanted
37. Freedom, Launch!
38. People Once Called Me a Newtype
39. The Moon Will Always Be There

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