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Gundam X: Introduction

AirDates in Japan: April 5 1995 to December 28 2006
Number of Episodes: 39
North American Release: Not Planned Currently
Date: After War 0015

Backround Information:

Fifteen years ago, those living in Outer Space went to war with people still on Earth. During the battles of the 7th Space War, it was found that certain human beings had a mysterious arcane ability, powers of the mind to control and forsee. These gifted people were called Newtypes. They were valuable to both sides of the war; the Earth Federation designed the Flash System which allowed a Newtype pilot to control a horde of unmanned MS, called Bit-Mobile Suits. This was an effective weapon, but sacrificed the lives of many Newtypes.

Space fought back for principal, believing the effect of living in Space heightened every human ability and eventually created the prized power of a Newtype, who was not something to use as a tool for war. But in the end, mankind was its own downfall. During the final battle, the Space Revolution Army (SRA) crashed numerous colonies into the planet Earth, with a devastating effect. Millions upon millions died as a result of the colony drop. Those that were fortunate enough to find refuge in a Shelter were both blessed and cursed; they wouldn't see the sun again for four years. The rest that made it through had to endure and suffer with living on a ruined planet, plagued by an endless winter and an ever-changing, chaotic atmosphere. With that, the war had ended-- for now. But everyone who continued to live on was possessed by that tragic war, and the word "Newtype"...

The year is After War 0015, and life on Earth is finally on its way to creating a more perfect world, except for the ruthless mercenaries who use mobile suits to make a living raiding; called Vultures, some of these people are merely chasing money, while others are running from the past. Enter 15 year old Garrod Ran, an orphen of the war. He is a lively, rambunctious and friendly boy who is trying to survive in the wake of the war, living off his daring-do's and knowledge of MS. Because of this, Garrod is hired by a smartly dressed, and secretly ambitious, businessman, Rantu Aiko, for a dangerous mission: to rescue a kidnapped girl from a Vulture ship, called the Freeden, and its hard, stoic captain, Jamil Neate. Sneaking aboard, Garrod manages to find the girl, Tiffa, as well as a little prize for himself, namely a relic from the war, a G-con control for a Mobile Suit....


Director: Shinji Takamatsu
Scenario: Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Characters: Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Junya Ishigaki
Kunio Akawara

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