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G Gundam: Timeline

AD 1995 In recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo trip to the moon, the USA President announces that the USA will send the first ship to Mars.

AD 2010 USA, Japan, Europe, and other countries form a united space station. Experiments on hybrid materials begin.

AD 2020 The Mars expedition reaches the planet. Space exploration reaches its peak. However, due to a bad economy, the space colony project gets put on hold. Hybrid material experiment creates a theory on how to control gravity.

AD 2050 Earth's population exceeds 7,000,000,000. The pace of destruction of Earth's natural environment greatly increases. Based on a theory of Gravity Control, a new form of energy gain is discovered.

AD 2060 Data on gravity control becomes more accurate. Using this data, the governments of all countries begin to make ultra-secret plans to leave the Earth. Around this time, average human life expectancy shortens, however, the number of newborns increases. Due to this, the population becomes highly aware of the lack of resources. The United Nations recognizes the problem, but is unable to resolve it. Countries begin to war with each other. Some data on the space immigration plan are released in an effort to quell the people. An attempt to control the hearts of the masses is made.

AD 2065 Ethnic wars break out. Asian states like China and independent states like Russia-Siberia begin to join the conflict.

AD 2070 Earth's population surpasses 10,000,000,000. Many countries begin to show strong interest in moving to space. Completion of the gravity control system is made. Production of Space Colonies begins. Development of humanoid shaped utility robots "Mobile Suits (MS)" is completed. Colony production time is greatly decreased. Earth's ecology begins to deteriorate even faster. Illnesses begin to primarily affect babies and children. The population problem is somewhat alleviated due to the illnesses, but still does not change the immediate need for a solution.

FC 1 Space colonies were first given to countries in order of size. Immigration begins with high-ranking officials followed by a selection of the normal populace. Terrorists begin searching for those who were given immigration tickets, ending in many victims. In order to deter the terrorists, countries agree that the militarization of MS were needed. The abilities and usefulness of MS greatly increase. Using all of the energy of the Earth, space colonies were sent upwards. Many deaths are recorded, due to the lack of gravity. 60% of the total population is sent into space, to live in the space colonies. The remaining 40% were low-level workers or naturalists who wanted to remain on Earth.

FC 2 With a lack of leadership, a World War breaks out. Colonies begin to create Colonial Union States, and send a United Peace Keeping Force to Earth to try and quell the fighting. During this time, the various types of MS performance levels increase to new levels. UNPKF is unable to quell the fighting in the various areas, and are faced with a possible nuclear war.

FC 3 The Colonial Union sends a large MS force to try to stop the war. The warring Earth-side leaders regroup and decide that they will not comply. This changes the battle to an Earth vs. Colonial Union war. The Colonial Union Forces plan on a large insertion force with a focus on their MS Teams. This leads to a near decimation of the Earth resistance forces. This is later known as the First "Chaos War".

FC 4A truce is called between the Earth Forces and Colonial Union Forces. Each country is once again brought under control of their leaders. With the Peace Treaty set in place, the Colonial Union breaks up. In order to keep their powers, every country and their colonies, begin to beef up their Armed Forces. With this, the 2nd generation of MS is started. Earth becomes a testing ground for such experiments.

FC 5 Once again World War seems imminent (2nd "Chaos War"). The top minds of each country try their hardest to prevent it from happening. Experimentation of a "Mobile Trace System" is started.

FC 6 A startling discovery of Gundarium Alloys are found on the moon. Each Country Colony begins to prepare to take command of this metal. Mobile Trace System is completed and military scientist Prof. Dueder announces his design for a "Gundam Fight". He takes his idea to each colony to sell them on it. The colonies agree on his idea, and announce that they will participate. In this way, another all-out war was averted (although not recorded, there is rumor that the Shuffle Alliance was also involved). Led by Prof. Dueder, the Gundam Fight International Preparatory Committee (IPC) was made.

FC 7 Each Country Colony begins its creation of its representative machine, known as Mobile Fighter (MF). The IPC promotes the Formal Ceremonial Organization, and renames the group "Gundam Fight International Committee", giving them the rights to create representatives per country. Countries begin rolling out their MF.

FC 8 The 1st ever Gundam Fight is held on Earth. The winner of the 1st Gundam fight was Neo Greece. Neo Greece gains top seat of the Country Colonies. As a rule, the event would take place once every 4 years.

FC 48 Neo England's Gentle Chapman becomes the first ever GF to win 3 times in a row. Seeing this, the Country Colonies begin to upgrade their Rifle weapons on their GF.

FC 52 Increase in military on each Country Colony side causes a heightened fear. The Gundam Fight this year is postponed.

FC 56 International Gundam Fight Committee, once again gains the interest of the Country Colonies, and the 12th Gundam Fight is held. Neo Hong Kong's Master Asia becomes the winner. Countries became interested in the kung-fu short-ranged fighting technique of the MF Kowloon Gundam. Every Country Colony begins to change the focus of their MF development. Focus is once again put on the base functions of the Gundam Fight (no longer ignoring the short-ranged fight).

FC 60 The 13th Gundam Fight begins.

**All credits for this timeline goes to the Shuffle Alliance**

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