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mIRC Chat; #AskJerry @ - 08/18/03

This is what I have logged from the question and answer session. I've bolded and changed the colors for what Jerry Chu had to say. It's a very long chat and I've done my best. Enjoy it, you'll probably be sitting here for a while ^^;

Please do note that this was not an official discussion or press conference. It was more of a freeform discussion ^^.

Session Start: Mon Aug 18 18:59:12 2003
Session Ident: #Askjerry
[18:59] * Now talking in #Askjerry
[18:59] <Jekichu> Q: Am i speaking for the US market?
[18:59] * dovac ( has joined #askjerry
[18:59] <Jekichu> A: I'm speaking for the territories we have license towards - North America - Canada/ US
[18:59] * Lego ( has joined #askjerry
[19:00] <Jekichu> Q: Does Bandai watch fansubs?
[19:00] * |Platinum| ( has joined #askjerry
[19:00] * Yuki1 ( has joined #askjerry
[19:00] <Jekichu> A: no comment
[19:00] <Jekichu> hahahah
[19:00] <Masayume> ...

[19:56] * Now talking in #askjerry
[19:56] <Masayume> I'm tired of handling PMs when we can't just -m things.
[19:56] <Masayume> *can
[19:56] <Immelmann> NBC5Reporter has some questions:
[19:56] <Immelmann> <NBC5Reporter> 1. If europeans continue fansubbing, Can Bandai take action against them?
[19:56] <Sythro00> Anyways, I was mainly wondering about which genre the evangelion game will be. As well as how long it's planned to be
[19:56] <Jekichu> <path[w]> "how much does fansubbing actually effect sales? How much does the availiability of fansubs prevent people from buying dvds? Almost everyone who buys anime dvds and downloads fansubs seems to agree that watching a show as fansubs helps us decide what dvd to buy and we're unlikely to spend money on a dvd of something we've never heard of. In the absence of fansubs, how many more dvds do you think will actually sell?"
[19:56] <Jekichu> its quite a bit
[19:56] <klafka> coz we'll have 120 people talking at once masa
[19:57] <Jekichu> problem is, the numbers are lumped in with bootlegs too
[19:57] <Jekichu> so its hard to discern between the two
[19:57] <Immelmann> <NBC5Reporter> 2. Can people continue distroing Bandai Licensed files that were made before it was licensed?
[19:57] <AvatarADV> ...
[19:57] <Jekichu> <NBC5Reporter> 2. Can people continue distroing Bandai Licensed files that were made before it was licensed?
[19:57] <Zerox20> 11[12Jekichu11]: 15 What hurts sales more, fansubbing which makes the anime popular at the offset of decreasing sales, or ripping the DVD and distributing it on online.
[19:57] <Jekichu> absolutely not
[19:57] <Jekichu> <ChaosWing> you guys have any webdev positions avail? =P
[19:57] * AvatarADV points out that Bandai can take action against people wherever, whenever, 'cause it's Bandai's show in the first place
[19:57] <Jekichu> hey i answered this already
[19:57] <Zerox20> lol
[19:58] <Zerox20> how about my question
[19:58] <Jed> zerox: no :P
[19:58] * Sylf (Sylf@ has left #askjerry
[19:58] * korin ( has joined #askjerry
[19:58] <Jekichu> <Azuriel> Q: will Bandai please make DVD`s available in the netherlands at reasonable prices? with current prices i would have to pay about 800 bucks to get all of Gundam Seed on DVD.....
[19:58] <Jekichu> we do not have distribution in the Netherlands
[19:59] <Jekichu> sorry
[19:59] <Jed> Jekichu: Is there a release year set for GitS?
[19:59] <Jekichu> <Kingz0rz> what's your salary?
[19:59] <Jekichu> a pittance!
[19:59] <Jekichu> a PITTANCE!
[19:59] <Jekichu> i'll take donation
[19:59] <Jekichu> and sponsorships
[19:59] * element ( has joined #askjerry
[19:59] <Jekichu> i'll wear your t-shirt to my next panel
[19:59] <Jekichu> send me a PM, we'll talk
[19:59] <Jekichu> =P
[19:59] <Jekichu> <wing00> is there bandai of china or taiwan?
[19:59] <Jekichu> yes
[19:59] <Immelmann> lol =)
[19:59] <Jekichu> taiwan = ?
[20:00] <Jekichu> Bandai HK
[20:00] <Jekichu> i believe their in Causeway Bay
[20:00] <Jekichu> i stopped by on my trip to HK last year
[20:00] * Immelmann sets mode: +l 130
[20:00] * DM_Freak ( has joined #askjerry
[20:00] * raziel- ( has joined #askjerry
[20:00] * oojnwo ( has joined #askjerry
[20:00] * WooF ( has joined #askjerry
[20:00] * ]3lade ( has joined #askjerry
[20:00] <Azul_Leon> plz stop raising the lmit
[20:00] <Azul_Leon> it was set at 100 for a reason
[20:00] <Jekichu> <Magus`> "your ad here, only $499.99!"
[20:00] <Jekichu> exactly
[20:00] * pawel ( has joined #askjerry
[20:00] * jil9u (~Hello@ has joined #askjerry
[20:01] * Everon24 ( has joined #askjerry
[20:01] * [EaX] ( has joined #askjerry
[20:01] <Jekichu> <Jetto> You said Gundam Seed has been in production. Can you tell us when production began?
[20:01] <Jekichu> production began this year
[20:01] <Jed> <Tarage> What anime titles can you recomend from your library for people who want to try different things?
[20:01] <Jekichu> <Bendi> Will the sex scenes in Gundam SEED be taken out? O.O
[20:01] <Jekichu> there's SEX?!
[20:01] <Jekichu> wtf!
[20:01] <Masayume> <Aego> PLZ ask him this =) Q: Has there ever, in the history of anime, been a lawsuit over a licensed anime?
[20:01] <LazyWulfran> yaoi porn
[20:01] <Masayume> lol
[20:01] <Masayume> there is no sex
[20:01] <Jekichu> Aego: YES
[20:01] <AvatarADV> <nod>
[20:01] <LazyWulfran> it's full of sex. kira and fraaga
[20:02] <Jekichu> bendi change your name
[20:02] <Azul_Leon> lol @ the ADV guy
[20:02] <Jekichu> its giving me a headache
[20:02] <Jekichu> i hate bendi
[20:02] <Jekichu> bad model kits
[20:02] <Jekichu> poorly made
[20:02] * Retrieving #askjerry info...
[20:02] <Jekichu> bleh
[20:02] <Jekichu> <Mendo> what is your stance on DVD rippers? it seems you're only focused on fansubbers
[20:02] * Bendi ( has left #askjerry
[20:02] * Kei_Kusanagi ( has joined #askjerry
[20:02] <Masayume> oh yea, Bandai's coming out with models of course right? lol
[20:02] <Jekichu> DVD rippers are bad
[20:02] <Jekichu> fansubbers = good
[20:02] * Zerox20 cheers
[20:03] <Azul_Leon> no comment
[20:03] * Jed cheers more
[20:03] <AvatarADV> Does anybody really think that if I went up to a DVD ripper and said "please stop", they would? <snort>
[20:03] <Zerox20> Nope
[20:03] <Zerox20> So what I would do
[20:03] * klafka waves a flag for chim
[20:03] <Zerox20> is work with fansubbers
[20:03] <Zerox20> =)
[20:03] <Jekichu> <Frostbiteh2o> when should we expect Big O series 2 dvds?
[20:03] * Ultima159 ( has left #askjerry
[20:03] <Jekichu> December
[20:03] * Dennisg ( has joined #askjerry
[20:03] <Immelmann> Jekichu... A con related question...
[20:03] <Jed> have you guys ever considered an official bandai fansubbing group?
[20:03] <Jekichu> 12.2.2003 to be exact
[20:03] <Immelmann> If there was an anime con in Las Vegas. What're the chances that Bandai would have a panel?
[20:03] <Jekichu> Jed: laf
[20:03] <AvatarADV> Jed: Yeah, and they distro over DVD! Costs like thirty bucks though. But they do a fandub too! ^_^
[20:04] <Jed> =P
[20:04] <Jekichu> Immelmann: too late
[20:04] <Immelmann> Too late?
[20:04] <Jekichu> Immelmann: We're heading to the Las Vegas Comic Con this Halloween!
[20:04] * element ( has left #askjerry
[20:04] <Jekichu> w00t!
[20:04] <Jekichu> Mandalay Bay here I come!
[20:04] <Immelmann> lol
[20:04] <Immelmann> That doesn't count as an anime con =P
[20:04] <Jed> are you coming to BAAF?
[20:04] * Slicer ( has joined #askjerry
[20:04] <Jekichu> Jed: no
[20:04] <klafka> <Chimaera> Q: Are you going to hire the same voice actors who did the GitS movie to dub the GitS: SAC series? Please do because they did a fantastic job with the movie
[20:04] <klafka> and I have to agree with him
[20:04] <Jekichu> <NekoTsukimi> nee nee, say something about Galaxy Angel :D
[20:04] <Jekichu> Galaxy Angel is funny
[20:04] <Jekichu> kekeke
[20:04] * GizmoTech-Unemployed ( has left #askjerry
[20:05] * bazoo42 ( has joined #askjerry
[20:05] <Masayume> <Yuruke> my questions: Is Ghost in the Shell going to air on Cartoon Network?
[20:05] <AvatarADV> Neko: ...
[20:05] * Kei_Kusanagi ( has left #askjerry
[20:05] * AvatarADV takes away Neko's GALS
[20:05] <Jekichu> <edi> Why on Earth would anyone wait for Bandi to release something that we can get it now for free, and lets say for some odd reason you actually did stop the fansubbers, most people would just download the r2 dvdrips and never bother buying the dvds
[20:05] * Keios ( has joined #askjerry
[20:05] <Jekichu> edi: because 1) people have morals...what your suggesting is stealing
[20:05] <Jekichu> 2) because the DVD's are higher quality, in picture and sound
[20:05] <Zerox20> its not possible to stop DVD rippers
[20:05] <Zerox20> so you stop fansubbers
[20:05] <Zerox20> its kind of unfair in a way
[20:06] <AvatarADV> Zerox: No, it's not possible to -nicely- stop them. It's emphatically possible to stop them cold. ^_^
[20:06] <klafka> <Chimaera> Q: Are you going to hire the same voice actors who did the GitS movie to dub the GitS: SAC series? Please do because they did a fantastic job with the movie
[20:06] <Zerox20> Well
[20:06] <Jekichu> <Tarage> What anime titles can you recomend from your library for people who want to try different things?
[20:06] <Zerox20> I would rather have companies work with fansubbing groups
[20:06] <Jekichu> are you talking about Bandai library or in anime in general?
[20:06] <Zerox20> then stop them
[20:06] <Zerox20> cause Fansubbing is good exposure.
[20:06] <Masayume> <Yuruke> my questions: Is Ghost in the Shell going to air on Cartoon Network?
[20:06] <Jekichu> Tarage, just message me
[20:06] * pawel ( has left #askjerry
[20:06] * NoWoL ( has joined #askjerry
[20:06] <Jekichu> <Mendo> so are you guys ever going to do anything about fansubbers who don't stop fansubbing licensed anime and DVD rippers?
[20:07] <AvatarADV> Yes. ^_^
[20:07] <Zerox20> haha, yea, sue em
[20:07] <runpsicat> ...omg the voice actress for motoko was horrible..
[20:07] <runpsicat> what is chimaera saying?
[20:07] <Jekichu> fansubbers - lets hope it doesn't come down to that...and at this moment it doesn't
[20:07] <Zerox20> lol
[20:07] <Jed> well, the RIAA can stop mp3 sharing the same way AvatarADV... I think you know where Im going with that =)
[20:07] <Jekichu> DVD rippers - if anyone wants to help me put some out of business, lets talk
[20:07] <Zerox20> !!
[20:07] <Zerox20> I DO!
[20:07] <Zerox20> Their is some R1 rippers I hate
[20:07] <Jekichu> <Hyunlee> please tell your friends, coworkers, and all who read this tro boycott Tokyopop's Initial D merchandise!
[20:07] <Jekichu> no comment
[20:07] <klafka> heh
[20:07] <AvatarADV> Yeah, if you know of DVD rippers ripping our stuff, write to
[20:07] <Jekichu> Tarage: I really like Junkers Come Here
[20:07] <Zerox20> question for you
[20:07] <Zerox20> whats the point of fansubbing
[20:07] <Zerox20> -_-
[20:08] <Zerox20> I mean adv/bandai are the two biggest ones
[20:08] <Masayume> <serge> hey can ya ask this plz :P will teh dvds ever stop using ghey arial fonts.. and actually put effort into the look of the subs like fansubbers do? or are we gonna be stuck with white and yellow arial fonts
[20:08] <Zerox20> if you guys stop it, your dealing with most of the anime community
[20:08] <Zerox20> lets face it, the best shows get licensed
[20:08] <Zerox20> :P
[20:08] <AvatarADV> Serge, DVD subtitles have some pretty nasty technical limitations.
[20:08] * AvatarADV has to deal with them all day long
[20:08] <Zerox20> Yes
[20:09] <Zerox20> they do
[20:09] <Zerox20> like 4 colors
[20:09] <Zerox20> righ?
[20:09] <Zerox20> right
[20:09] <AvatarADV> Transparent plus three, and one better be black if you want an outline.
[20:09] <Zerox20> as long as the DVds use white for subtitles
[20:09] <Zerox20> I support you
[20:09] <Masayume> yea really
[20:09] <Jekichu> someone invite KillShok
[20:09] <Masayume> yellow is EVIL.
[20:09] <Masayume> ...
[20:09] <Zerox20> what
[20:09] <Zerox20> no way
[20:09] <Jekichu> please
[20:09] <AvatarADV> Yellow is generally a better color for subtitling. White gets hard to read on several backgrounds.
[20:09] <klafka> <@hotnakedaznchick> is bandai gonna start licensing some hentai series?
[20:10] * [EaX] ( has left #askjerry
[20:10] * Nightzz ( has joined #askjerry
[20:10] <Zerox20> is he even here?
[20:10] * Azul_Leon may go into a fit if Killshok shows up
[20:10] <klafka> are we really inviting killshok?
[20:10] <Jekichu> yes please
[20:10] <Masayume> Not Killshok...
[20:10] * Masayume sighs.
[20:10] <Zerox20> hge isn't here
[20:10] <Jed> yeah he's online
[20:10] <Jed> whois him
[20:10] <runpsicat> subs so small on trigun
[20:10] <runpsicat> hurt my eyes
[20:10] <uLTraCarL-> the channel is full, u cant get anymore in -_-
[20:10] <klafka> you can w/ invites carl
[20:10] * uLTraCarL- sets mode: +i
[20:10] * uLTraCarL- sets mode: +l 131
[20:10] * Zerox20 sets mode: +l 140
[20:10] <Masayume> Yea Trigun was badly subbed.
[20:10] <Jekichu> ohg
[20:10] <Sythro00> Was there any validity to the rumor of Ikkitousen possible being licensed by ADV? (speaking of the best shows getting licensed :P)
[20:11] <Jekichu> its 5:10
[20:11] <Masayume> ...
[20:11] <Zerox20> 11[12Jekichu11]: 15 When you e-mail me, if you wouldn't mind throwing in as many as Q & A in the e-mail as possible, I will place it on our website so you don't get the same questions
[20:11] <runpsicat> not to mention not enough contrast with background.
[20:11] <Masayume> Ikkitousen lol
[20:11] <Jekichu> i got 0 work donr
[20:11] * Killshok ( has joined #askjerry
[20:11] <Zerox20> Their is killshok for you
[20:11] <Jekichu> welcome killshok
[20:11] <AvatarADV> Sythro: I haven't heard.
[20:11] <klafka> ikkitousen is great masa!
[20:11] * Zerox20 sets mode: +v Killshok
[20:11] <Jekichu> he's not that bad
[20:11] <Jekichu> harmless
[20:11] <Azul_Leon> 5you got more done than you think then Jerry
[20:11] * Azul_Leon glares at Killshok
[20:11] <Jekichu> none of that
[20:11] <Zerox20> Azul
[20:11] <Zerox20> not in here
[20:11] <Killshok> fuck u az
[20:11] * Killshok ( has left #askjerry
[20:11] <Jekichu> ok
[20:11] <Jekichu> gah
[20:11] <Zerox20> jeezus azul
[20:11] <Jed> lol
[20:11] <klafka> dammit azul
[20:11] <Masayume> <path[w]> Related question, dont you believe a study of the actual effect of fansubbing on sales would be useful because it would a) actually provide you with hard numbers when you ask fansubbers to stop. 2) If it turns out (as most people on IRC believe) that the proliferation of fansubs actually increases dvd sales, then this will become a non-issue
[20:11] <klafka> lol
[20:12] <Jekichu> oh fyi
[20:12] <Jekichu> does anyone play star wars galaxies?
[20:12] <Immelmann> That.. .wAs weird
[20:12] * Zerox20 sets mode: -o+v Azul_Leon Azul_Leon
[20:12] <Azul_Leon> Ow! Quit it!
[20:12] <Zerox20> bah
[20:12] <Immelmann> Want to
[20:12] * Zerox20 sets mode: -v Azul_Leon
[20:12] <AvatarADV> Path, how would you propose doing that? "Okay, nobody fansub or distro this except for our test subjects!" Yeah, right. ;p
[20:12] <Immelmann> Haven't had the time to buy it =)
[20:12] * DarKBoArDeR ( has joined #askjerry
[20:12] <klafka> don't play it
[20:12] <klafka> it is an evil soe game
[20:13] <klafka> and is buggy as hell atm from my understanding anyways
[20:13] <Jekichu> <Keios> heya, will you be licensing the gundam seed suit osts and character albums when you release seed? thanks
[20:13] <Jekichu> that hasn't been decided yet
[20:13] <Masayume> <Aego> Q: Jerry or ADV man, Do you play Everquest? =)
[20:13] <Masayume> Yea, more CDs would be great lol
[20:14] * Masayume gives thumbs up to ADV for that too.
[20:14] <klafka> yea, cd japan shipping is expensive!
[20:14] <Jekichu> <Chimaera> Q: Are you going to hire the same voice actors who did the GitS movie to dub the GitS: SAC series? Please do because they did a fantastic job with the movie
[20:14] <AvatarADV> Masa: I was playing Planetside, then I got a girlfriend. ^_^;
[20:14] <Zerox20> heh
[20:14] <Zerox20> I hate planetside
[20:14] <Zerox20> :P
[20:14] <Jekichu> i believe we tried, we're actually using ZRO Limited for the dubbing work
[20:14] <Masayume> Many people need significant others lol
[20:14] <Masayume> Me included ^^;;;
[20:14] * gundamfan (~abe@ has left #askjerry
[20:15] * Masayume is grateful college is real soon.
[20:15] * The_Cowch ( has joined #askjerry
[20:15] <Zerox20> 11[12Jekichu11]: 15 Would it be possible to ever make some sort of agreement between fansubbing groups and companies? Sounds like a long shot, but I want to try to get something going dinno what though.
[20:15] <Jed> Yeah
[20:15] <klafka> yeah
[20:15] <Jekichu> <bazoo42> i just joined, so not sure if this was covered... Is there any time table to the release of Gundam Seed?
[20:15] <Jekichu> soon
[20:15] <Jed> I know you guys are against fansubbing, but people are going to fansub anyway...
[20:15] <Masayume> 'soon' x_x
[20:15] <Jekichu> <ReCkLeSs_FiRe> i'm just curious, have you ever seen any of the latest fansubbed anime?
[20:15] <Jekichu> yes
[20:15] <Zerox20> 11[12Jekichu11]: 15 because the DVD rippers are still exploiting it, Its better if you try to work something out.
[20:16] <Jekichu> I'm watching Dear Boys right now
[20:16] <Jekichu> well not..RIGHT NOW
[20:16] <Jekichu> at home
[20:16] <Zerox20> Watch Akraze gundam seed
[20:16] <Zerox20> =)
[20:16] <Masayume> Yea really
[20:16] <Jed> w00t
[20:16] <Masayume> ^^
[20:16] <Zerox20> no script stealing!
[20:16] <Zerox20> :P
[20:16] <Masayume> Watch Gundam Seed from the groups.
[20:16] <klafka> yeah w00t
[20:16] <Jekichu> <raziel-> are you sick of Evanescence yet?
[20:16] <Jekichu> laf
[20:16] <Jekichu> yes
[20:16] <Masayume> -_-
[20:16] <Jekichu> <Tarage> Would it be possible to ever make some sort of agreement between fansubbing groups and companies? Sounds like a long shot, but I want to try to get something going dinno what though.
[20:16] <Jekichu> no
[20:16] <Masayume> I like Evanescance.
[20:16] <Zerox20> No?
[20:16] <Jekichu> we cannot validate fansubbing
[20:16] <runpsicat> I personally want to discuss translation styles with companies...
[20:16] <Jekichu> and its distribution
[20:16] <Jed> Jekichu: do you know if anyone is going to licensed DB?
[20:16] <Zerox20> not to validate it
[20:16] <Masayume> <Ramez> Would Bandai or any other company in the US would ever consider liscening Saikano (i.e. Saishuu Heiki Kanojo), or is some of the content in it make it impossible?
[20:17] <Jekichu> because essentially, its illegal
[20:17] <Jekichu> DB?
[20:17] <Jekichu> Dear Boys?
[20:17] <Jed> Yeah
[20:17] <Jekichu> I know, but i won't tell.
[20:17] <Immelmann> I thought that Saikano was licensed?
[20:17] <AvatarADV> Ramez, I would -love- to work on Saikano.
[20:17] <Zerox20> Jekichu fansubbing drives yours sales up 2x more then it takes them down, it has too.
[20:17] <Jekichu> Saikano?
[20:17] <Jekichu> Not us.
[20:17] <Jekichu> someone i'm sure
[20:17] <Immelmann> I'm currently showing it to my mom
[20:17] <Zerox20> I would not know about 3/4 of athe anime I currently watch
[20:17] <runpsicat> but that may be arrogance on my part so I'm just going to shut up now.
[20:17] <Zerox20> without fansubbing.
[20:17] <Jed> <Firebrand> with all these crap shows being licenced by various companies, how come something so awsome like Hajime no Ippo hasn't been picked up yet?
[20:18] <Masayume> I must add that I wouldn't know Gundam Seed without fansubs :P Same goes for lots of shows.
[20:18] <Jekichu> JeD: How come Macross hasn't been licensed, how come Slam Dunk hasn't been licened?
[20:18] <Jekichu> lotsa things behind the scenes, messy things, ugly things
[20:18] <AvatarADV> Japanese companies ripping at each other ^_^
[20:18] <AvatarADV> I've got horror stories...
[20:18] <Zerox20> Where do I go to license a series?
[20:19] <Zerox20> I am gonna license naruto
[20:19] <Zerox20> and never release it
[20:19] <Jekichu> <Zerox20> I would not know about 3/4 of athe anime I currently watch
[20:19] <Jekichu> you never give us a chance to release it
[20:19] <Jed> hahaha
[20:19] <Zerox20> Jekichu, fansubbing exposes people too it
[20:19] <klafka> lol
[20:19] <Jekichu> Zerox20: Nobodies licensing Naruto right now
[20:19] <Zerox20> I know
[20:19] <Zerox20> :P
[20:19] <Jed> <aelis> macross is licensed - AnimEigo i think
[20:19] <Jekichu> thats true
[20:19] <Jekichu> but yes and no
[20:19] <Jed> how so?
[20:19] <Jekichu> they went through Harmony Gold
[20:20] <Jekichu> who had the original Japanese film
[20:20] * ender285 ( has left #askjerry
[20:20] <Masayume> <Azuriel> can you tell him this? If you wish to speak to killshok as him being a representative for AJ, i can cover that too, as i`m with AJ as well.
[20:20] <Zerox20> Jekichu, Without fansubbing, I would not know about the current anime's I watch, If you ask me you should go after the ebayers and DVDers and let the fansubbers do their work.
[20:20] <Jed> Zerox20: read your PM
[20:20] <Zerox20> Jed
[20:20] <Zerox20> read your PM
[20:20] <Zerox20> about Naruto 45
[20:20] <Immelmann> <AlexanderPERFECT> Tell that Bandai dude thanks for finally getting around to nabbing DD.
[20:20] <Immelmann> DD = Dragon Drive
[20:20] <Jed> which one, I have 1000000000 of those :x
[20:20] <Jekichu> thank you
[20:20] * Everon24 ( has left #askjerry
[20:21] <Jekichu> <Zerox20> Jekichu, Without fansubbing, I would not know about the current anime's I watch, If you ask me you should go after the ebayers and DVDers and let the fansubbers do their work.
[20:21] <Jekichu> we are
[20:21] <Jekichu> we put people in jail
[20:21] <Zerox20> well, Its not possible to get them, its easy to get fansubbers
[20:21] <Jekichu> we've
[20:21] <Zerox20> I want to visit one and kick him
[20:21] <Jekichu> its possible
[20:21] <AvatarADV> Zerox, I myself have gotten Ebay guys.
[20:21] <Jekichu> conventions = fun
[20:21] <Jekichu> at least for me
[20:21] <Zerox20> good good good
[20:21] <Jekichu> i get to confiscate
[20:21] <Immelmann> <AlexanderPERFECT> "No, thank you!"
[20:21] <Zerox20> Avatar or Jekichu you guys going to ACEN this year in May?
[20:21] * path[w] ( has left #askjerry
[20:21] <AvatarADV> Zerox: Dunno if I can afford to.
[20:22] <Zerox20> come on
[20:22] <Jekichu> dang it
[20:22] <Zerox20> I'll be there
[20:22] <Jekichu> another 30 pm
[20:22] <Jekichu> hold on
[20:22] * CCNaru ( has joined #askjerry
[20:22] <Jed> cant you put it on the company?
[20:22] <Jed> :D
[20:22] <Jekichu> <DarkWarrior> is Bandi planning to release a Perfect Grade model of any Seed MS? Like PG Freedom?
[20:22] <Jekichu> I can't speak for Bandai America
[20:22] <Jekichu> but i believe they will be doing a line of Perfect Grade next year
[20:22] <Jekichu> whether or not Seed is part of that...i don't know
[20:22] <Masayume> Yea really, it'd be great to see some Bandai and ADV people at the fansubbing panel at ACen next year ^_~
[20:22] <Immelmann> What's the diff between Bandai America and Bandai Ent?
[20:22] <Zerox20> 11[12Jekichu11]: 15 How about you pay fansubbers 100.00 for every R1 DVD Ripper they bring in ^_^
[20:22] <AvatarADV> Masa: With a video camera... "Collecting evidence!" ^_^
[20:23] * ]3lade ( has left #askjerry
[20:23] <klafka> haha
[20:23] <Jekichu> <Slicer> another question, is there a estimated (fuzzy or not) release date on the GS dvds?
[20:23] <klafka> bounty hunting!
[20:23] <Jekichu> next year
[20:23] <Jed> AvatarADV: can you give us all an update on the ADV TV channel?
[20:23] * Monban ( has left #askjerry
[20:23] <Jekichu> <Mya> I am curious how the industry knows that fansubs are the cause of a substantial loss when the numbers for fansubs are included as part of the estimation for bootlegs? what are the estimations for sales due to fansubs? I personally can track over $3,000 in anime sales directly to fansubs in the past year. (granted I can also track $500 in lost sales because of series that I did not like when watching the fansub)
[20:23] * wubu ( has joined #askjerry
[20:23] * Dragosmore ( has joined #askjerry
[20:24] <AvatarADV> Jed: Yeah, it's rolling out in a lot more markets soon (for a list, find some reports from the Otakon panel, I don't know 'em) and apparently it's more popular than any other VOD thing ever. ^_^
[20:24] <Jekichu> remember, there are plenty of fans working at bandai
[20:24] <Jekichu> we troll the net
[20:24] * peps` ( has left #askjerry
[20:24] <Jekichu> scour the web
[20:24] <Jekichu> we see all and know all
[20:24] <Zerox20> omg omg omg I got chocalate cheesecake
[20:24] <Jekichu> plus
[20:24] <Masayume> lol
[20:24] <Jed> AvatarADV: VOD = video on demand? and, any plans of including this into premium or even regular cable?
[20:24] <AvatarADV> Plus fans tell us stuff. ;p
[20:24] <Jekichu> i have connections with the chinese mafia and they tell me how much their shipping into the states
[20:24] <Masayume> mmm...release DVDs faster?
[20:24] <klafka> lol
[20:25] <AvatarADV> Jed: Yeah. And there's plans to do a regular-style cable channel, but I don't know specifics or time frames.
[20:25] <Masayume> Change the typesets to be more readable.
[20:25] <LazyWulfran> release gits dvds faster?
[20:25] <Zerox20> Can I get aan application to the chinease mafia please
[20:25] <LazyWulfran> :D
[20:25] <Jekichu> <OUGLAAA> tell me how the subbing of the last 5 to 7 GS epz is going to hurt the sales of the dvds ?
[20:25] <Jekichu> its not
[20:25] <AvatarADV> Masa: Hey, our typesets are fine. ^_^
[20:25] <Jekichu> but its still illegal
[20:25] <LazyWulfran> avatar: yellow is hideous
[20:25] <Zerox20> 11[12AvatarADV11]: 15 Not really -_- to be honest
[20:25] <Jekichu> <ReCkLeSs_FiRe> would it be possible for you to show some of kraze's gundam seed to your company and through this, see how they can improve their own product? i beleive this is what all fansubbers want
[20:25] <Jekichu> in what way?
[20:25] <Jekichu> the translation?
[20:25] <AvatarADV> Lazy: Yellow is legible.
[20:25] <Jed> AvatarADV: awesome, thanks
[20:25] <LazyWulfran> so aren't other colors
[20:25] <Masayume> lol ADV no complaints with you guys, more like other groups...I retract that actually, my complaints are with other groups.
[20:25] <klafka> translation I believe
[20:25] <Jed> hey, kraze isnt the only group who did gseed =P
[20:25] <LazyWulfran> and they don't hurt my eyes
[20:26] <Zerox20> well we believe o ur translation is pretty good for the kraze episodes
[20:26] <Jekichu> remember, things like spelling, etc. some of that direction comes from the creators may not like it, it may not make sense, but thats how they want it, and what they want they get
[20:26] <AvatarADV> Masa: Heh. We had to play with ours for a while to get it right.
[20:26] <Zerox20> The translation issues would more be just preference
[20:26] <Sythro00> I thought the ADV channel was already up and running in philadelphia?
[20:26] <Jekichu> ex. Alucard, Arucard
[20:26] <Zerox20> as in using official names etc
[20:26] <Jekichu> etc.
[20:26] <AvatarADV> Sythro: Not just there.
[20:26] * Immelmann sets mode: -i
[20:26] * Immelmann sets mode: +l 130
[20:26] <Masayume> ADV:: curious, do you know anything about Sailor Moon Sailor Stars getting licensed?
[20:26] * kawaii-desu ( has left #askjerry
[20:26] * Kisachan ( has joined #askjerry
[20:26] * tanman508 ( has joined #askjerry
[20:26] <Jekichu> Alucard - Dracula
[20:26] * dreamerzz (Win-ExPee@ has joined #askjerry
[20:26] <Jekichu> but Japan wanted Arucard - Dracrura
[20:26] <AvatarADV> Masa: Nope. Do you have any idea how much I don't like Sailor Moon? ^_^;;;
[20:26] <Jekichu> hahah
[20:27] <Jekichu> doesn't make sense to us...but hey
[20:27] <klafka> heh
[20:27] <Jekichu> we don't speak engrish
[20:27] <Masayume> ADV:: Do you have any idea how many people do? :P
[20:27] <Jed> <Tarage> Whichever, just ask who is going to grab Onegai Twins
[20:27] <Sythro00> AvatarADV: It has to expand to Oregon. I have soo many friends that are going nuts see it ^_^
[20:27] <AvatarADV> Masa: Yeah. ;p
[20:27] <AvatarADV> Sythro: Bug your cable company!
[20:27] <Jekichu> <Keios> is it likely that bandai might license Kanon? ^^;
[20:27] * Masayume is a proud Sailor Moon fan -thank you :P
[20:27] <klafka> yeah it needs to be wherever I am going
[20:27] <Jekichu> not that i'm aware of
[20:27] <Zerox20> well at least AKraze just got a lot of stress relief
[20:27] <Zerox20> ^_^
[20:27] <Jekichu> <Mendo> has recently gone into the licensing buisness, and they have been getting permission from the fansub groups to use their translations, why can't bandai do something similar?
[20:27] <Zerox20> no more hard working on projects
[20:27] <Jekichu> we're not animation
[20:27] <Jekichu> animation
[20:27] <Jekichu> animenation
[20:28] <Jekichu> <NekoTsukimi> Say something about Tenshi no Shippo now :D
[20:28] <Jekichu> its funny
[20:28] <Jekichu> well
[20:28] <Masayume> <Cainnyc> Q:"Would Bandai considering releasing the Seed DVDs in a similar manner how AnimEigo released the box set of the Original Macross first and then released the separate volumes after?"
[20:28] <Jekichu> not really funny
[20:28] <Jekichu> more like cute
[20:28] <Jekichu> cute
[20:28] <Jekichu> i like cute
[20:28] <Jekichu> kawaii
[20:28] <Jekichu> nyo!
[20:28] <Jekichu> A: We're doing that with Zeta Gundam
[20:28] <Jekichu> Seed = No
[20:29] <Jekichu> <Chimaera> will there be a bandai representative/booth at CNAnime coming up this weekend in Toronto?
[20:29] <Jekichu> *SIGH*
[20:29] <Jekichu> unfortunately, i'll be up there
[20:29] <Jekichu> i'm tired
[20:29] <Jekichu> tired of travelling
[20:29] <Jekichu> my cat hates me
[20:29] <Masayume> <edi> Please ask this: You actually think anyone cares about pirated anime or catching anime pirates ? the MPAA and RIAA can't even stop pirates of American works, you really think any law enforcement agency would care about japanese tv shows ?"
[20:29] <Jekichu> she ran away
[20:29] <klafka> chim, make him watch akraze stuff!
[20:29] <Zerox20> 11[12Jekichu11]: 15 Just curious, who is 'the man' from corporate to talk too about fansubbing + companies hehe
[20:29] <Jekichu> bring me a hotdog if your at CNAnime please
[20:29] <Jekichu> i love those street vending hot dogs
[20:29] <Jekichu> yummy
[20:29] <AvatarADV> Edi: Copyright enforcement in the US isn't a function of police, it's a private suit. I've done it myself. ;p
[20:29] <Jed> I think Zerox wants to get hired into an anime dvd company :P
[20:30] <Zerox20> no
[20:30] <klafka> or start his own?
[20:30] <Jekichu> <edi> Please ask this: You actually think anyone cares about pirated anime or catching anime pirates ? the MPAA and RIAA can't even stop pirates of American works, you really think any law enforcement agency would care about japanese tv shows ?"
[20:30] <Zerox20> I want to let fansubbins and companies
[20:30] <Zerox20> work together
[20:30] <Jed> yeah
[20:30] <Jed> we all do
[20:30] <Zerox20> instead of situations like this
[20:30] <klafka> oh yeah
[20:30] <Jed> saves us a lot of headache
[20:30] <Zerox20> Their HAS to be A WAY
[20:30] <Zerox20> to solve it
[20:30] <Jekichu> sigh
[20:30] <Sythro00> that would be fantastic
[20:30] <Jekichu> like i said before, this isn't a perfect world
[20:30] <Zerox20> Thats why I said
[20:30] <Jekichu> and everyone wants things for free
[20:30] <Zerox20> I nominate myself
[20:30] <Jekichu> but life isn't free
[20:30] <Zerox20> to talk to corporate
[20:30] <Zerox20> lol
[20:30] <Jekichu> someone pays
[20:30] <Zerox20> and try to figure it out
[20:30] <Zerox20> :P
[20:30] <Jekichu> you may not pay
[20:30] <AvatarADV> How do companies work together with fansubbers? We license something, you guys stop and buy our DVDs when they come out. ^_^
[20:30] <Jekichu> but someone does
[20:30] <Jekichu> and your only hurting yourself in the long run
[20:31] <Zerox20> Hey AvatarADV Want to know the truth?
[20:31] <Jed> AvatarADV: you use your translations/edits?
[20:31] <Masayume> <edi> Say this, private suits are pointless, there is no threat what so ever in a personal case you can just show up and nothing happens
[20:31] <Jed> your=our
[20:31] <klafka> yeah
[20:31] <Zerox20> your DVDs comes out, I get on my anime DVDR Dumpsite, I download your DVD
[20:31] <Zerox20> I use my DVD Burner
[20:31] <Zerox20> to burn your DVD
[20:31] <AvatarADV> Jed: Hey, my personal work is as good as anything. ^_^
[20:31] <Zerox20> and not pay a dime for it.
[20:31] <Jekichu> <edi> Say this, private suits are pointless, there is no threat what so ever in a personal case you can just show up and nothing happens
[20:31] <Jed> AvatarADV: if you want to talk money, how much do you pay your translators?
[20:31] <Zerox20> If you want to know the harash truth
[20:31] <Zerox20> lol
[20:31] <Jekichu> i guarantee you something can and will happen
[20:31] <AvatarADV> Jed: Can't disclose, but a lot. ;p
[20:31] <Jed> AvatarADV: how much do fansubber translators get paid? :D
[20:31] <Jekichu> <korin> Is the Cyber Formula box going to be limited in any way?
[20:32] <Zerox20> the Bandai guy at Acen, said he didn't get paid a lot
[20:32] <Jekichu> NO
[20:32] <runpsicat> really? the bandai translator at ACen
[20:32] <Zerox20> lol
[20:32] <runpsicat> said not much
[20:32] <runpsicat> yeah
[20:32] <klafka> if you use fansubs translations/edits it would I think speed up your end a lot
[20:32] <Sythro00> AvatarADV: I think the main reason why some fansub groups don't stop subbing a licensed title midway is how drastically a show can change themes
[20:32] <Jekichu> nobody went to ACEN from Bandai
[20:32] <Masayume> <edi> thats a lie and you know it lover, give it up handsome you'll never win
[20:32] <Masayume> <edi> ;)
[20:32] <runpsicat> he basically discouraged masa
[20:32] <runpsicat> from doing it
[20:32] <Zerox20> Jekichu Their was a guy who said he worked on it
[20:32] * Zerox20 sets mode: +l 135
[20:32] <runpsicat> he said he had to do everything from translating to typesetting almost
[20:32] * wolve ( has joined #askjerry
[20:32] * FurryCurry (FurryCurry@ has joined #askjerry
[20:32] * DrMaul ( has joined #askjerry
[20:32] <Jekichu> <Mwuchan> Q: Will SEED Vol 1 come with a box :D
[20:32] <Jekichu> working on it
[20:32] * Vatsu ( has joined #askjerry
[20:32] * Temporal (Temporal@ has joined #askjerry
[20:32] <runpsicat> and received very little in compensation aside from stress.
[20:32] <AvatarADV> Syth: BS. People just want to keep doing it. You're telling me AJ cares about the "themes"? ;p
[20:32] <Jed> AvatarADV: how much do fansubber translators get paid? :D
[20:33] <Jekichu> someone please invite: <Fujihara>
[20:33] <klafka> well we could all let this devolve into stuff about aj
[20:33] * Immelmann sets mode: +v The_Cowch
[20:33] <AvatarADV> Jed: Dunno, I never do. <g>
[20:33] <LazyWulfran> why? it's -i
[20:33] <Masayume> fansubber translators get NOTHING x_x
[20:33] <Immelmann> It's +l
[20:33] <Jed> exactly
[20:33] * Fujihara (dai@ has joined #askjerry
[20:33] <AvatarADV> But frankly most fansub translations are, well, not that good. ^_^;
[20:33] <Zerox20> They get respect
[20:33] <Masayume> ...
[20:33] <Zerox20> !
[20:33] <Masayume> Most
[20:33] <Zerox20> oh boy
[20:33] * Zerox20 closes the book
[20:33] <Zerox20> lol
[20:33] <Zerox20> don't open that book
[20:33] <Jekichu> If there was someone at ACEN stating that he worked for Bandai...he was lying
[20:33] * dreamerzz (Win-ExPee@ has left #askjerry
[20:33] <runpsicat> strange
[20:33] <Jed> AvatarADV: Which groups are you basing that off? :p
[20:33] <Masayume> Mmm he said he translated GitS if I remember right.
[20:34] <Zerox20> Yep he did say that
[20:34] <Jekichu> if he works for ZRO Limit or Bang Zoom or a voice studio, thats not working for Bandai
[20:34] <Zerox20> dinno
[20:34] <runpsicat> but there was someone who said he was translating gits
[20:34] <Zerox20> But he was annoying an druined the fansubbing panel at ACEN
[20:34] <Masayume> He said he translated GitS for bandai
[20:34] <Jekichu> <Pras> you wore a suit at E3, are there any plans for you to wear a suit to an anime convention?
[20:34] <runpsicat> right zeox?
[20:34] <runpsicat> zerox
[20:34] <Zerox20> yea
[20:34] <Zerox20> I didn't like him
[20:34] <Jekichu> I wore a suit at e3 cuz i had a date
[20:34] <runpsicat> yeah
[20:34] <Jekichu> later that night
[20:34] <Jekichu> =P
[20:34] <Zerox20> He looks like The guy from Jurassic Park
[20:34] <Zerox20> remember
[20:34] <Masayume> <Dragosmore> Q: I know this is a pretty strange question, but I am a translator. I was wondering the average pay a translator for an anime company makes.
[20:34] <AvatarADV> Jed: I hesitate to name names in the interest of friendliness. OTOH, I work with an extremely good translator, and she's pretty picky about such things...
[20:34] <Zerox20> who got shot at with the black stuff
[20:34] <runpsicat> somewhat thin guy wearing glasses
[20:34] <Zerox20> and the dino ate him
[20:34] <runpsicat> sandy blonde... i think.
[20:34] <Sythro00> AvatarADV: A great show example is Kiddy Grade. It started out as kinda a light hearted fanservice comedy. Yet towards the end it all just went to hell so to speak.
[20:35] <LazyWulfran> ok, let's get this straight; NOBODY'S pickier than runpsicat
[20:35] <Masayume> sandy blonde, curly hair, portly, with glasses.
[20:35] <Jekichu> <Hyunlee> AJ is unethical. They ruined it for all fansubbers like Anime-kraze and gave a bad name to digisubbing and fansub viewers in general. please dont let this happen again!
[20:35] <Zerox20> runpsicat I bet you would get along with ADV's translator since yer picky
[20:35] <Masayume> lol
[20:35] <Jekichu> Like i said, AJ was VERY cooperative
[20:35] <LazyWulfran> with you
[20:35] <Masayume> Only because AJ knows better now.
[20:35] <LazyWulfran> with UV. . .
[20:35] <klafka> afterwords =P
[20:35] <Zerox20> I am pretty sure all the groups will be
[20:35] <Jed> AvatarADV: I'm just trying to show you a possible way in which fansubbers and anime companies can possibly work together
[20:35] <Zerox20> =)
[20:35] <Jekichu> i understand Killshok may be a bit abrasive...but he's complicated fellow
[20:35] <Zerox20> Yea
[20:35] <Jekichu> he's a nice guy!
[20:35] <Zerox20> He has PMS
[20:35] <runpsicat> the industry's translation style is different...
[20:35] * ReCkLeSs_FiRe ( has left #askjerry
[20:35] <LazyWulfran> heh
[20:35] <Masayume> that's not excuse.
[20:35] <Jed> thats an understatement
[20:35] <Zerox20> in a guy form
[20:35] * esby-- ( has joined #askjerry
[20:36] <Masayume> Every person is complicated.
[20:36] <runpsicat> it's not exactly a question as to whether one is picky or not.
[20:36] <AvatarADV> Jed: Yeah, but honestly, I do better work, why would I accept work that is not better? ;p
[20:36] <Masayume> That doesn't give them the right to abbrasive.
[20:36] <LazyWulfran> avatar: matter of opinion
[20:36] <Jed> AvatarADV: because its free :P
[20:36] <Zerox20> well, everybody believes their work is the best
[20:36] <klafka> err
[20:36] <Masayume> I bet Run would do better.
[20:36] <klafka> I believe runs is the best not mine x=
[20:36] <Zerox20> but I know some people who watch ADV that understand japanese start giggling at some subtitles
[20:36] <Jed> <CCNaru> hey Jed, could u ask them about if they're planning to license Wonderful days? i've seen it on newtype english and was just wondering
[20:36] <Zerox20> won't mention who
[20:36] <Jekichu> ok
[20:36] <Zerox20> lol
[20:36] <Jekichu> i'm tired now
[20:36] <AvatarADV> Yes, but I'm generally correct in these matters. I mean, I do it for a living here. ^_^
[20:36] <LazyWulfran> and honestly, you depend on sales for your livelihood. how do we know you aren't lying?
[20:36] <Jekichu> too much reading and typing and not enough work getting done
[20:37] <Jekichu> i'm going to go bye bye
[20:37] <Immelmann> ^^
[20:37] <Immelmann> Later
[20:37] <Jekichu> if you want to message me
[20:37] <Jed> hehe
[20:37] <Jekichu> i'm on AIM
[20:37] <Zerox20> 11[12Jekichu11]: 15 Make sure you E-mail me
[20:37] <Jekichu> jekichu
[20:37] <klafka> thanks for coming
[20:37] <Jed> thanks for chatting with us Jerry
[20:37] <Jekichu> DO NOT FLOOD ME!
[20:37] <Zerox20> you shouldn't have given out that AIM
[20:37] <Zerox20> lol
[20:37] <AvatarADV> Lazy: I've got a published body of work that backs me up. ^_^
[20:37] <Jekichu> puuuuhlease
[20:37] <Zerox20> That was a mistake
[20:37] <Jed> good to know that you guys care about fansubbers
[20:37] <Jekichu> an occasional, hello and hi would be great
[20:37] <Masayume> BIG mistake.
[20:37] <Jekichu> ok
[20:37] <Jekichu> if you want to add me, add me now
[20:37] * oojnwo ( has left #askjerry
[20:37] * ashtray ( has joined #askjerry
[20:37] <Jed> do you want us to message you now or later?
[20:38] <Jed> im sure youre getting millions of messages nwo
[20:38] <Jed> :D
[20:39] <Jekichu> STOOOOPPPP
[20:39] <Jekichu> ok
[20:39] <Jekichu> umm
[20:39] <The_Cowch> AIM should have an "invisible" setting...
[20:39] <Immelmann> lol
[20:39] <Jekichu> i'm going to go eat now
[20:39] <Immelmann> Lata =)
[20:39] <Jekichu> i'm going to log on in 2 hours
[20:40] <Jekichu> try adding me then
[20:40] * Temporal (Temporal@ has left #askjerry
[20:40] * KyP ( has joined #askjerry
[20:40] <Jekichu> hahahah
[20:40] <Jekichu> no moooore
[20:40] <Jekichu> lemme close my windows!
[20:40] * tanman508 ( has left #askjerry
[20:40] <Zerox20> I warned you
[20:40] * Lessa ( has joined #askjerry
[20:40] <Zerox20> lol
[20:40] <Zerox20> I said don't post it
[20:40] <Zerox20> but you did
[20:40] * Dragosmore ( has left #askjerry
[20:40] <Immelmann> lol
[20:40] * ]3lade ( has joined #askjerry
[20:40] * KyP ( has left #askjerry
[20:40] <Jed> lol
[20:40] * Svek ( has joined #askjerry
[20:40] <runpsicat> Last Q from path[w]: <path[w]> I have another question if you can swing it. I pmed maya but I dont know if it got through. 1) Wouldnt dvds purely with subs be cheaper to make. I guess the reasons dubs are made is because dubs sell better and selling dvds with just the subs at a cheaper rate is not economical. As a result I want to ask what happens when other changes are suggested that would improve sales .... censorship editing etc ...
[20:41] * Svek ( has left #askjerry
[20:41] * LazyWulfran ( has left #askjerry
[20:41] <runpsicat> getting rest
[20:41] <AvatarADV> DVDs with subs would sell many, many fewer at retail, meaning that you would have to defray the high DVD authoring costs over many fewer sales, meaning much more per DVD sold. Higher prices.
[20:41] * Ayanami9870 ( has left #askjerry
[20:41] * NsAnE (~xxm@ has left #askjerry
[20:41] * wolve ( has left #askjerry
[20:42] <Jed> do you guys play a lot of games?
[20:42] <The_Cowch> you mean, with subs only, right?
[20:42] * Svek ( has joined #askjerry
[20:42] * GTM|Bangohan ( has joined #askjerry
[20:42] <The_Cowch> oh, right, just saw the question
[20:42] <AvatarADV> Jed: I play War3 and Planetside, though not lately, g/f is taking up all my time. ;p
[20:42] * StevenSBN ( has joined #AskJerry
[20:42] * PromiseWW ( has joined #askjerry
[20:42] <runpsicat> yes
[20:42] * kittty ( has joined #askjerry
[20:43] <Jed> war3 is fun =)
[20:43] * darkzerodragon ( has left #askjerry
[20:43] <uLTraCarL-> doesnt planetside get 'tiresome' after a couple of base captures
[20:43] * FurryCurry (FurryCurry@ has left #askjerry
[20:43] * apr ( has joined #askjerry
[20:43] <runpsicat> Last Q from path[w]: <path[w]> I have another question if you can swing it. I pmed maya but I dont know if it got through. 1) Wouldnt dvds purely with subs be cheaper to make. I guess the reasons dubs are made is because dubs sell better and selling dvds with just the subs at a cheaper rate is not economical. As a result I want to ask what happens when other changes are suggested that would improve sales .... censorship editing etc ...
[20:43] * DiNkAi ( has joined #askjerry
[20:44] <AvatarADV> Dunno, we don't censor or edit.
[20:44] <The_Cowch> I guess the real question is how big a percentage of production cost the dubbing is
[20:44] <AvatarADV> Licensing costs >>> other costs.
[20:45] <The_Cowch> obviously
[20:45] <Jed> hmmm
[20:45] <Jed> is that why no one has naruto yet?
[20:45] <Jed> too much $$$?
[20:45] <Zerox20> I AM GOING TO BUY IT!
[20:45] <Zerox20> JED HELP ME
[20:45] <Jed> OKAY
[20:45] <Zerox20> We'll split it
[20:45] <Zerox20> 50/50
[20:45] <Jed> K
[20:45] <Zerox20> and release 1 ep a year
[20:45] <Jed> OKAY
[20:45] <Zerox20> And we will charge per line of script
[20:45] <The_Cowch> dubs only!
[20:45] <Jed> you can be sasuke
[20:45] <Jed> i'll be sakura
[20:45] <Sythro00> I thought purely subbed dvd's sold fairly well? such as the card captor sakura ones?
[20:45] <Zerox20> K!
[20:45] <Jed> ok?
[20:45] <Jed> fandub
[20:45] <Zerox20> I'll do Naruto too
[20:45] <klafka> I call gaara!
[20:45] <Jed> um
[20:45] <Jed> thats an on join fo ryou
[20:46] <Jed> >.>
[20:46] <Zerox20> Sakray can be the second instructor
[20:46] <klafka> or at least konohamaru
[20:46] <Zerox20> for the 2nd test
[20:46] <Jed> lets do live action naruto
[20:46] <Zerox20> we'll let AvatarADV be Kakashi
[20:46] <Jekichu> <runpsicat> Last Q from path[w]: <path[w]> I have another question if you can swing it. I pmed maya but I dont know if it got through. 1) Wouldnt dvds purely with subs be cheaper to make. I guess the reasons dubs are made is because dubs sell better and selling dvds with just the subs at a cheaper rate is not economical. As a result I want to ask what happens when other changes are suggested that would improve sales .... censorship editing etc ...
[20:46] <Jekichu> 1) yes dubs sell better
[20:47] * klafka sets mode: +v Chimaera
[20:47] <Jekichu> but 2) why the physical cost of production may be cheaper, the price to license each individual episode is still there
[20:47] <runpsicat> relaying...
[20:47] <Jed> how much is the naruto license going for? :D
[20:47] <Zerox20> Okay tahts it
[20:47] <Zerox20> I am working for Bandai
[20:47] * Zerox20 goes to find application
[20:47] <Jekichu> thus we charge what we feel is fair amount to eek out a bit of profit at the same time providing a quality product
[20:47] <Jekichu> why=while
[20:48] <Jekichu> <Hyunlee> Why do dubs sell better?
[20:48] <Jekichu> <Hyunlee> Stupid question, but a good explanation will clarify
[20:48] <klafka> well, I concede bandai has good prices and do good releases, comparatively.
[20:48] <Jekichu> because most of america is like me, we like to enjoy what we're watching and feel if we're watching subtitles err detracts from the experience
[20:48] <Jekichu> keep in mind i used to be a sub only guy too back in the day
[20:48] <Zerox20> Jekichu its past 5:30
[20:48] <Jekichu> doh!@
[20:48] <Zerox20> your not suppose to be here
[20:48] <Jekichu> your right
[20:49] <Jekichu> hahaha
[20:49] <Zerox20> :P
[20:49] <AvatarADV> I personally prefer subtitles, but a lot of people prefer dubs and they buy a lot of anime. ;p
[20:49] <Chimaera> wow
[20:49] <Zerox20> I am going to make my own dubbing company
[20:49] <Jed> i like GOOD dubs
[20:49] <Zerox20>
[20:49] <Zerox20> ^_^
[20:49] <Chimaera> lol
[20:49] <Zerox20> its SOOO GOD
[20:49] <Jekichu> Q: How did you manage to land a job at Bandai?
[20:49] <Zerox20> godly good
[20:49] <Sythro00> The #1 factor that I look for when buying DvD's is always the bouns content like production sketches, ect.
[20:49] <Zerox20> that its crap
[20:49] <Chimaera> lol
[20:49] <Chimaera> that was my question
[20:49] <Jekichu> A: I was the anime club president at the local university
[20:49] <Jekichu> I interned at Bandai for 6 months
[20:49] <Chimaera> dude!
[20:49] <Chimaera> that's so easy
[20:49] <Zerox20> I'm an anime founder!
[20:49] <Jekichu> started working full time
[20:50] <Zerox20> lol
[20:50] <Chimaera> I just have to make my own anime club then
[20:50] <Jekichu> worked my way up the corporate ladder
[20:50] <Jekichu> and here i am
[20:50] <Jekichu> bam
[20:50] <Chimaera> ...
[20:50] <Zerox20> Basically
[20:50] <Zerox20> he bribed people
[20:50] <Chimaera> another notch
[20:50] <Jekichu> easy 1-2-3
[20:50] <Chimaera> XD
[20:50] <Zerox20> with fansubbed anime
[20:50] <Zerox20> :P
[20:50] <klafka> haha
[20:50] <Jed> haha
[20:50] <Zerox20> I am going to harass Jekichu for discount coupons for Gseed ^_^
[20:50] <Chimaera> well is there going to be a Bandai Canada any time soon?
[20:50] <Zerox20> for the DVDs
[20:50] <Zerox20> =)
[20:50] <Jed> say
[20:50] <Zerox20> Dude CANADA IS AMERICA
[20:50] <Zerox20> so shutup
[20:51] <Chimaera> dude
[20:51] <Jekichu> there already is a Bandai Canada
[20:51] <Jed> does bandai need any IT interns?
[20:51] <Chimaera> Canada is SO not America
[20:51] <Jekichu> Canada = Cool
[20:51] <Jekichu> hmm
[20:51] <klafka> yes so inferior...
[20:51] * Jed will break jeki's computer then fix it :P
[20:51] <Jekichu> i take that back
[20:51] <Chimaera> Canada is cool
[20:51] <Jekichu> Vancouver = cool
[20:51] <Zerox20> lol
[20:51] <Jekichu> Toronto = crappy
[20:51] <Chimaera> Toronto = cooler
[20:51] <Chimaera> ;_;
[20:51] <Zerox20> Jed you suck as an IT :P
[20:51] <klafka> HAHA
[20:51] <Zerox20> I own you
[20:51] <Chimaera> don't hate on Toronto
[20:51] <klafka> chim = owned
[20:51] <Chimaera> I live right above it
[20:51] <Chimaera> don't hate
[20:51] <Chimaera> procrastinate
[20:51] <Jed> Zerox20: i said IT not *******
[20:51] <runpsicat> okay path[w] wants this question to be answered:<path[w]> As a result I want to ask what happens when other changes are suggested that would improve sales .... censorship editin since the average anime buyer will not know the difference. What force or factor is likely to keep bandai honest to the source when they are the sole distributor?
[20:51] * TentonTim ( has left #askjerry
[20:51] <Jed> Zerox20: whats EMS & DRA?
[20:52] <Jekichu> you guys
[20:52] <Jekichu> you keep us honest
[20:52] <Chimaera> heh
[20:52] <Jekichu> duh
[20:52] * jdog ( has joined #askjerry
[20:52] <Zerox20> now we talking about Memory?
[20:52] <Jed> no
[20:52] <Jed> software
[20:52] <Jed> =P
[20:52] <Zerox20> lol
[20:52] <Jed> k
[20:52] <Zerox20> I am a network admin
[20:52] <Jed> sit
[20:52] <Jekichu> do we want a Initial D boycott on our hands?
[20:52] <Jed> so
[20:52] <Zerox20> not software admin
[20:52] <Zerox20> :P
[20:52] <Jekichu> nahhh
[20:52] <Jed> DRA is a net admin proggy
[20:52] <klafka> yeah a fanatic anime fan that has been thwarted can be scary stuff!
[20:52] <Chimaera> yes we do
[20:52] <Chimaera> initial d boycott
[20:52] * jdog ( has left #askjerry
[20:52] <Chimaera> tokyopop has ruined Tak And Iggy
[20:52] <Jed> yeah...
[20:52] <AvatarADV> Here's a point that people keep forgetting... if you're going to boycott something to protest a change/edit/translation/whatever, DON'T get a bootleg! If you do, there's no moral force in your boycott, you're just cheaping out. ;p
[20:52] <Jed> whats up with initial d?
[20:52] * Mya ( has joined #askjerry
[20:52] <Chimaera> have you guys even HEARD their soundtrack for it?
[20:53] <AvatarADV> Just get -other- anime. ^_^
[20:53] <Chimaera> instead of the techno music
[20:53] <Zerox20> I am going to go buy all of ADV
[20:53] <Chimaera> they got this white guy rapping
[20:53] <Zerox20> rip them to my HD
[20:53] <Zerox20> then sell cheap DVDs
[20:53] <Zerox20> in china
[20:53] <Zerox20> mwahaha
[20:53] * AvatarADV arranges for Zerox to be enslaved by AJ leechers
[20:53] <Chimaera> 'yo yo yo, the eighty-six was racing down the road, down the road, flying on Ak-ak-akina...'
[20:53] <Zerox20> hey now
[20:53] <klafka> haha
[20:53] <Jed> oh GOD
[20:53] <Zerox20> I was only kidding lets not say things we don't mean
[20:53] <Zerox20> -_-
[20:53] * Zerox20 shudders
[20:53] <Chimaera> 'sup Tak'
[20:53] <AvatarADV> <laugh>
[20:53] <Chimaera> 'sup iggy guy'
[20:53] * ^dagger^ ( has left #askjerry
[20:54] * Kenshin\away ( has joined #askjerry
[20:54] <Jed> AvatarADV: what were they thinking when they did that?
[20:54] <Chimaera> 'lets go for a spin in your eighty-six so we can go flying down the road, down the road'
[20:54] <Jed> did they think that people actually liked 2f2f?
[20:54] <Masayume> can we go -m now?
[20:54] <AvatarADV> At any rate, I need to take off too... gotta go subtitle stuff.
[20:54] <Jed> everyone i talked to hated 2f2f
[20:54] * AvatarADV waves
[20:54] <klafka> people not suffering from brain damage
[20:54] <Jed> bye
[20:54] <Sythro00> cyas
[20:54] <klafka> thanks for coming
[20:54] <Zerox20> later slaves
[20:54] <Zerox20> :P
[20:54] <Zerox20> We will keep doing our free fansubbing
[20:54] <Immelmann> Bye =)
[20:54] <Zerox20> while you do yer slavework
[20:54] * Zerox20 hums
[20:54] <Immelmann> Have some fun =P
[20:54] * Immelmann sets mode: -m
[20:54] <Immelmann> =0
[20:54] <AvatarADV> I tend to hang out on Esper #animedvd and/or ETG #animecentral, if anybody has more questions.
[20:54] <Azuriel> thanks
[20:54] <smash> yaya
[20:54] * Immelmann sets mode: -l
[20:54] <GTM|Bangohan> yay
[20:54] <Immelmann> =p
[20:54] <[DB5]RSRingLord> lol
[20:54] <Fujihara> Zerox20 is gay
[20:54] <Azuriel> at last
[20:55] <groshand> here we go
[20:55] <Zerox20> I recommend Anime-kraze
[20:55] * AvatarADV (AvatarADV@ Quit (Quit: )
[20:55] * luruka is now known as ganryu
[20:55] <Jetto> I CAN TALK!!!!
[20:55] <Immelmann> tsk...tsk...tsk
[20:55] * BuddyLee ( has joined #askjerry
[20:55] <Zerox20> lol
[20:55] <Jetto> lol
[20:55] <Immelmann> He's spamming =p
[20:55] <klafka> oh god
[20:55] * ecchi-oni-misha132 ( has joined #askjerry
[20:55] * GTM|Bangohan is now known as Great_Teacher_Musashi
[20:55] * EtherealRage stabs Jetto in the eye with a broken popsicle stick
[20:55] <Skywise> nooo.. don't recommend Esper >_<
[20:55] * Bestvgm ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:55] * smash kicks 2 gay2curious inital d
[20:55] <Great_Teacher_Musashi> finally
[20:55] <NekoTsukimi> hawawa
[20:55] <Jed> o_O
[20:55] <Jetto> o_o
[20:55] <Great_Teacher_Musashi> free of my dinner nick
[20:55] <Fujihara> Zerox20 die you bastard
[20:55] * Keios ( Quit (Quit: )
[20:55] <CCNaru> anyone licensing wonderful days??? >>
[20:55] <ecchi-oni-misha132> hey jed
[20:55] <BuddyLee> -_-;;
[20:55] <Skywise> it gets crazy enough in there
[20:55] <Ashuraou> Go eat, Jerry! o_o Run for the hills!
[20:55] * ParadoxHeart ( has left #askjerry
[20:55] <EtherealRage> AS I asked in a pm earlier....
[20:55] <Jed> yo misha
[20:55] * ChanServ sets mode: +nr
[20:55] <EtherealRage> Why is it that most dubs fail to represent the character? For example, YYH. I watched the whole esries subbed then turn on teh TV and there it is. It almost made me cry because it was such a bad dub. >.<
[20:55] <Zerox20> hehe
[20:55] <Zerox20> now we clear the channel
[20:55] <Mudou_Setsuna> it doesnt matter if people talk the two guys are gone
[20:55] * weedcow ( has joined #askjerry
[20:55] * StevenSBN ( Quit (Quit: Client exiting)
[20:55] <FreedomX10A`> hey, who is the bandai rep. here?
[20:55] <Zerox20> this channel is gone now!
[20:55] * chibi|baito (~chibi|bai@ has joined #askjerry
[20:55] <Great_Teacher_Musashi> zerox - noooo
[20:55] <Great_Teacher_Musashi> hehe
[20:55] <Zerox20> everybody leave!!
[20:55] <CCNaru> YYH dubs arent bad
[20:55] <Fujihara> you suck
[20:55] <CCNaru> o_O
[20:55] <Zerox20> I am gonna clear it!
[20:55] <chibi|baito> yosh
[20:55] <NekoTsukimi> egads
[20:55] <Fujihara> ZERO SUCKS
[20:55] * Cainnyc ( has left #askjerry
[20:55] <Great_Teacher_Musashi> awww
[20:55] * Chimaera ( has left #askjerry
[20:55] <Jetto> yyh dubs aren't bad
[20:55] * Zerox20 sets mode: +i
[20:55] <CCNaru> ._.
[20:55] * Great_Teacher_Musashi ( has left #askjerry
[20:55] * Aego ( has left #askjerry
[20:55] * apr ( has left #askjerry
[20:55] * ashift6 ( has left #askjerry
[20:55] <sKyLineR33> jesus christ -_-
[20:55] <Jed> hahaha
[20:56] <BuddyLee> lol
[20:56] <Fujihara> ZERO IS TEH SUCK
[20:56] <Magus`> all dubs are bad...
[20:56] <Jed> why zerox
[20:56] <NekoTsukimi> i'm really glad the chan was set to +m earlier
[20:56] <smash> clear it :P
[20:56] <Jetto> I saw the show subbed first
[20:56] <ecchi-oni-misha132> YYH dubs are fucking horrible
[20:56] <Magus`> US voice actors suck
[20:56] <EtherealRage> Yes thsy are!
[20:56] <sKyLineR33> soo much typing O_O
[20:56] <EtherealRage> They*
[20:56] <Skywise> I need to go work on subs too.. oh well
[20:56] * Mudou_Setsuna ( has left #askjerry
[20:56] <Skywise> zeny awaits
[20:56] <Magus`> the only half decent dubs are Disney's dubs of Ghibli, strangely enough
[20:56] <Jekichu> i'm never going to leave
[20:56] <Jekichu> i'm stuck in the net
[20:56] <Jekichu> help
[20:56] <Jekichu> help
[20:56] <ecchi-oni-misha132> true
[20:56] <chibi|baito> say, has the question as to why bandai decided to enforce their seed rights now instead of earlier on in the series been asked?
[20:56] <Jetto> heck, if you want japanese va's that you can understand...LEARD JAPANESE -_-
[20:56] <Jekichu> i'm stuck
[20:56] <CCNaru> i wanna know about wonderful days~
[20:56] * sets mode: -ntir-vooovvooooo The_Cowch runpsicat Zerox20 uLTraCarL- Sythro00 Jed Jekichu Immelmann Masayume MrAnderson klafka
[20:56] *** Notice -- TS for #askjerry changed from 1061246967 to 1061246966
[20:56] * NekoTsukimi takes sky's zenny
[20:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*@*
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[20:56] * weedcow was kicked by (CLEAR USERS command from Zerox20)
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[20:56] * Attempting to rejoin channel #askjerry
[20:56] * Rejoined channel #askjerry
[20:56] * WooF ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] * _bla_ ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] * Vatsu ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] * PnP ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] * Masayume ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] * toku-plus ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] <Fujihara> « Darkwarez[LovesChii] » - <@Darkwarez[LovesChii]> dont bitch <@Darkwarez[LovesChii]> or ill close ur send
[20:56] * jil9u (~Hello@ has joined #askjerry
[20:56] * bayoab ( has joined #askjerry
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[20:56] <DiNkAi> 06« taiyaki » 07- <@taiyaki> penis = teh happy! <@taiyaki> that is why i am happy
[20:56] * Zera ( has joined #askjerry
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[20:56] <Zerox20> 10*WB09(Kagari09)10WB* - [09:15] <Kagari> Kick ass, I found all my old Sailormoon music again
[20:56] * NekoTsukimi ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] <Zerox20> ROFL
[20:56] * hotnakedaznchick ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] * klafka ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] <CCNaru> --;;
[20:56] * McArat ( has joined #askjerry
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[20:56] <DiNkAi> 06« Kagari » 07- <+Kagari> Pedo isn't bad at times
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[20:56] <CCNaru> LOL
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[20:56] <Sythro00> rofl
[20:56] * Archon23| ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] <uLTraCarL-> /log off
[20:56] <smash> haha
[20:56] * groshand ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] <Fujihara> zero you retard
[20:56] <Azuriel> jesus
[20:56] <Kagari> HAHA
[20:56] * Immelmann ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] <Jed> lol
[20:56] <Masayume> FUCK
[20:56] * OUGLAAA (~OUGLAAA@ has left #askjerry
[20:56] <Magus`> roflmao
[20:56] * Yuruke ( has joined #askjerry
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[20:56] * klafka ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] <CCNaru> u dumb f00
[20:56] <kittty> oops
[20:56] <Zera> right...
[20:56] * DrMaul ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] * K1-san ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] <Zerox20> HAHAHA
[20:56] * NekoTsukimi laughs
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[20:56] <Immelmann> ...
[20:56] <kittty> I'll go away now
[20:56] * DiNkAi ( has left #askjerry
[20:56] * groshand ( has left #askjerry
[20:56] * unrealer ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] <Fujihara> RETARD
[20:56] <smash> lol
[20:56] <Darkwarez[LovesChii]> SWEET
[20:56] <Jed> zerox
[20:56] <Immelmann> Op me
[20:56] <Immelmann> Zerox
[20:56] * klafka ( has left #askjerry
[20:56] * ecchi-oni-misha132 ( has joined #askjerry
[20:56] <Jed> you retard
[20:56] <Immelmann> -_-
[20:56] * K1-san ( has left #askjerry
[20:56] <aelis> >_<
[20:56] * [DB5]RSRingLord ( has left #askjerry
[20:56] <ecchi-oni-misha132> wtf?
[20:56] <Magus`> that was funny
[20:56] * K1-san ( has joined #askjerry
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[20:56] <BuddyLee> lol
[20:56] <smash> do it again :P
[20:56] * kittty ( has left #askjerry
[20:56] * Zerox20 sets mode: +i
[20:56] <Zerox20> lol
[20:56] <Mya> @.@
[20:56] * K1-san ( has left #askjerry
[20:56] * Mya ( has left #askjerry
[20:56] <Darkwarez[LovesChii]> AGAIN
[20:56] <DarKBoArDeR> ohman
[20:56] <Darkwarez[LovesChii]> AGAIN
[20:57] <Fujihara> Zero i hope you DIE
[20:57] <Crudi-kun> @_x
[20:57] * Zerox20 sets mode: +m
[20:57] <Zerox20> lol
[20:57] * lobitoh (pirc@ has left #askjerry
[20:57] <Zerox20> This channel is closed
[20:57] * path[w] ( has left #askjerry
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[20:57] * Zerox20 changes topic to 'Channel is closed no more Q & A! ^_^'
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[20:57] * Zerox20 hums
[20:57] * Sythro00 ( has left #askjerry
[20:57] <Zerox20> leave you people
[20:57] <Zerox20> lol
[20:57] * Zerox20 sets mode: +ps
[20:57] * NiGHTS ( has left #askjerry
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[20:58] <Zerox20> ph33r
[20:58] * Yuruke ( has left #askjerry
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[20:58] -Zerox20:#askjerry- Channel has been closed.
[20:58] * Zerox20 sets mode: +l 1
[20:59] <Zerox20> heh
Session Close: Mon Aug 18 20:59:08 2003

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